Spot Info/Top Tips

  • Kiteboarding El Medano.

El Medano Watersport Areas

  • Playa Sur is main wind sports area due to a marked/bouyed area for each sport, surfing, windsurf/wing foiling, kiteboarding. Occasional days in the year the wind turns & then the not so experienced kiters move to la Tejita, as in medano the wind goes cross offshore.
  • The harbour wall is were you can find some nice waves for wave riding or slightly down wind, flatter water for boosting your biggest jumps.
  • Cabezo beach is situated on the upwind side of the town and is more for advanced windsurfing.
  • Jaquita is right next to Cabezo beach and is more for the surfers close in but also great for wing foilers to play on the swells further out along with those kiters looking to ride in another spot away from the main kite beach.
  • For those looking to Learn or Improve there wingfoiling, then there is a flat water spot called Puerto de Grenadilla which is about 15min drive upwind from El Medano. Its a smooth stoned beach, a little gusty as the wind direction is cross offshore and works better when above 14 knots in El Medano. (Normally there is No Rescue Service Available!)
  • Due to several schools teaching in the main kite area in El Medano it’s important to understand the start & finish area of the students so not to mix with them.
  • The Red Cross provides a free jet ski rescue service during the day for all water sports users. (A direct tip for this service is always nice!)
  • For more info about the rules, rescue times & map, Click Below..

Info about the town

The town offers several hotels, hostels and a wide range of beach front apartments along with in town accommodation.

In the Medano you have a taxi service, a medical center, pharmacies, supermarkets, bars, a night club, a great selection of restaurants along with a many local shops selling a wide range of products. On Wednesday and Saturday morning you can also find local markets stalls selling a wide range of local, hand made and canario products in the main town square.

All of the town is accessible by foot and has a nice international feel due to its relaxed vibe from world wide watersports enthusiast along with the national tourist that is looking to get away from the city or the all-inclusive areas of the Island.

Tips for Kiters

  • The water temp does not vary so much during the year but the air temp yes, this is due to the wind chill factor during the winter. Summer (May to Oct) most people use a 2mm shorty or lycra top and shorts. Winter (Nov to April) its recommended to use a 3.2mm long wetsuit or thicker if you get cold quickly.
  • The most used kite sizes for a twin tip rider of 80kl is a 12m & 10\9m most of the year. For those using a kite surf board then a 10 and 7m will fit most days but bring small for July and Aug as these are the windiest months.
  • There are several shops in El Medano that offer different brands of equipment at competitive prices along with repair services if needed.
  • CKS can provide beach front equipment storage just seconds from the main kite area, for those looking to make your kite trip hassle free. Get in touch for prices and for pre booking.