About CKS

Christian Valentine

My passion for water sports started at a young age when I realised I wanted to pass on my sports experience via teaching when I got my first qualification as an RYA windsurf instructor in 1992, since then the sports have changed, but not the passion.

El Medano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 38612
Coche Island
Kite Foil – El Medano
Wing Foil – El Medano

A litttle history about CKS and it’s founder…

CKS started in 2000 when i first started teaching and founded this amazing sport of kiteboarding in Venezuela. 

Since then i have acquired a vast knowledge of kite sports and have had the privilege to have taught people from over 30 different countrys with now over 18,000 hours of teaching experience along with being a qualified IKO instructor since 2000.

Freestyle has been my passion for so many years but Strapless and Foiling is a perfect complement to improve balance and experience different sensations along with land kite sports like mountainboarding and buggying.

Previous owner of 2 kites schools which i founded the first in 2000 in Isla de Margarita and the second on Isla de Coche in 2003 until 2017 when i moved to Tarifa, Spain for a year and now based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, continuing passing on my knowledge and taking kiters to the next level.

My multi sports career started at a young age which now allows my experience of different sports to be translated into kiting, finding the best and most efficient way of understanding both mistakes and how it should feel whilst riding, doing a transition or flying through the sky. 

Being safe, Having fun, Better understanding & going for the next level is the primary goals of my Coaching.  

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Learn, Improve, Ride, Fly High.

Where i have worked

Coaching Kite Sports, Tenerife
11/2019 – Present
El Medano.
Personlised freelance kite sports coaching

  • The CKS concept is to give a better general understanding of kite sports providing a fun, efficient and safe ways to take each person to the next level in there riding, no matter what the goals are.
  • The Classes & Clinics are designed to provide understanding of different equipment designs, improve general safety awareness on and off the water, correct form of equipment set up, learning / improving upwind riding, different styles of transitions, jumping, tricks and much more. Personalised tuition is given to each of my students through out their stay, along with video and photo analysis so being able to see each persons performance/mistakes along with the latest radio technology from BB Talkin (2 way communication) allowing consistent feedback at all times on the water making for faster and safer progression.

Duotone Pro Center, Tenerife
(6/2018 – 9/2019)
El Medano.

Center/Sports Manager and Kite Specialist.

  • Sales of services to clients, online reservations, daily accounts, equipment orders, inventory, daily organisation of the center and staff.
  • Giving group/private kite, windsurf, surf and paddle boarding classes.
  • Creation of sales materials for promotion of the school, internal paperwork, initial creation of info on social networks, dealing with tour ops and brand sales men, warranty claims along with supervising the remodulation of the center.
  • The creation of the concept and written information required for the web page along with promotional material for the center. Creation of disclaimer forms, rules/regulations of the center, emergency contact numbers, damage prices/information.
  • Direct Repairs or organization of equipment needing repair.
  • Control and head instructor for 5 months of a group kids multi sports project, (Play with the sea).

Tarifa Air Force, España
(06/2017 – 10/2017)

Instructor & equipment control

  • Private / group kite classes making a total of 226hrs of coaching.
  • Organization, cleaning, basic repairs along with a weekly inventory. Occasional SUP safaris. Transportation of clients when needed.
  • 2017 North Dealer meeting – Assisting daily the dealers with information and equipment. Preparation and pack down of the kite, windsurf and sup equipment along with sales stands etc.

Coche Kite Sports Center
(11/2003 – 2/2018)
Isla de Coche, Venezuela

Owner, Instructor & Director.

  • Head Instructor/Boss in charge of day to day organisation of classes, clinics, events, kite guide and promotor of kite in Vzla.
  • Contact with tour operators, direct national & international reservations. Tourist information. Importation, promotion & sales of equipment brands. Maintenance and basic repairs of the equipment. The center consisted of a kite sports school, small kite shop, storage of equipment, kite rescue service, day trips, beach seats and shadings, repairs and also a bar offering snacks during the day along with pre reserved private beach front dinners.
  • In total i gave around 12.500hrs of classes in CKS Coche, Venezuela.