Kite Coaching

Intermediate & Advanced Coaching

This is for those who are looking to improve safety, general understanding and of course progression being the main objective.

Why take Classes?

Understand better the manoeuver your going for, providing personalised theory, on land and in water demonstrations, have someone explain clearly the errors, so to understand and visualise the trick, transition etc so reaching your kiting goals faster.

The first class goes through spot check, equipment preparation, security systems, rules of kiting and how to resolve a variety off on and off the water situations along with your personal kiting goals and of course getting wet.

CKS also provides self rescue classes, self launching and landing, equipment maintenance and imparcial Information about what equipment/brand is correct for what you want to do.

Class Includes:

  • Personalised theory.
  • On land and in water demonstrations.
  • Impact / Life Jacket provided if needed.
  • 2 way Radio communication BB Talkin with Helmet.
  • Photos &/o short video when booking a 4hr course or more.
  • Written debriefing after the course with course info and top tips so to help with continuing your progression.
  • 3rd party insurance.
  • IKO Int Certification.

Intermediate & Advanced Kiters

(Equipment Not included)

  • 1 Day = 1hr Private = €45
  • 1 Day. = 2hrs Private = €80
  • 2 Days = 4hrs Private = €150
  • 3 Days = 6hrs Private = €215

Based on 2hrs of Coaching each day.

If you don’t have all equipment needed, No worries, get in touch and we can offer you a selection of boards kites and accessories from different brands.