Learn to Kitesurf El Medano

Learn, Improve, Ride and Fly High..

You have thought about learning to kite or improve your kiting, then look no further! CKS personalised coaching will give you the right information, quality equipment and safety so to progress in a fast and efficient manner.

Course Structure:

The intro course is divided into stages so to understand clearly each step of the preparation, safety, on land and in water flying, relaunching techniques, body dragging, water start and riding. 

You have already done a kite course before?

No problem, get in touch and CKS will take you to the next level.

Learn to Kite El Medano

 Day 1

Intro to Kiting

The first step of the intro course goes through what equipment is needed, spot check, on the beach equipment preparation, theory of flying the kite and wind window, general safety rules and security systems on the bar, how to safely launch the kite, practising control, how to receive and land the kite, one hand and two hand control, relaunch techniques, walking whilst controlling the kite, on land body drag position and understanding the steps ready for stage 2.

Intro to Kiting El Medano

 Day 2

Control & Bodydrag

The 2nd stage is about improving general control, feeling and understanding, international hand signals, piloting with one and two hands ready for the water and body dragging. Its very important learning to one hand/upwind body drag so understand how to recover the board, then two hand body dragging is so to learn how to generate power via movement of the kite ready for the water start. General practise of water relaunch techniques. Theory and practise of how to body drag with the board, place it on the feet and understand the basics of the water start.

Day 3

Board & Waterstart

This stage of the learning process is about get more understanding about the body position, how to get the board on the feet in deep water, making the correct movement the kite so to stand on the board and make the first rides. How to relaunch the kite whilst not loosing the board and if losing it then how to recover it, so be able to continue practising the water start. Understand how to control speed and stopping in a safe manner.  Basic understanding of on land and in water equipment pack down techniques.

Bodydrag El Medano

Water Start El Medano

Day 4

First rides / Riding

Now it’s time for more advanced theory and practise how to make more consistant water starts, longer rides, how to control better the kite for making the correct power and board speed. This session goes through general riding practise, refresh of rights of way, general safety, self landing in a variety of situations, more about equipment pack down on the land and in the water, what equipment you should be looking at and how to look after it.

After the course each student receives a written debriefing with information about conditions, equipment used, level, what are the steps so to continue your progression, along with CKS top tips and more.

CKS also provides with each 6hr course or above an official kiteboarding certification through IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation).

Water Start El Medano

Learn – Improve – Ride – Fly High

When can I start the course?

What do I need to bring?

The minimum course to understand the basics is 3 days with between 2.5 & 3hrs per day. Each class takes into count the físical and weather conditions so to get the maximum progression out of each session.

Price including equipment
Private Class

2 hours Private


Price including equipment
Private Class

2.5 hours


Price including equipment
Private Class

3 hours


Price including equipment
Private Intro Course

9 hours


All classes include quality equipment, 2 way radio system, photos/videos, IKO certification, written debriefing with top tips to help you continue your progression.

How many hours do you want to do?

The above prices allow you to choose how many hours you would like to do in each stage. Taking into account the more hours you do the further you get in the learning process.

Have you already done a kite course?

Then the idea is to do a quick refresh to check understanding and control of the kite, then take you to the next level improving confidence, water start, riding, upwind riding, transitions, jumping or more advanced tricks.