Kite foiling & Wing foiling

Foiling Tenerife

Kite Foil or Wing Foil?

Foiling has been around since the 1940,s or earlier but never really took off until around 2010 when several brands saw the true potential. Now in 2024 Kite Foiling is going to be featured in the Olympics.

When you are up on the foil is like flying/floating above the water with a sense of peace and freedom to ride in light winds, race around a circuit, use the swells to surf or fly..

Kite Foiling Info:

For those kiters who already have experience in kiting, foiling is a great complement for those looking to ride in lighter winds with out such a big kite.

Why kite foiling is getting so popular is mainly for lighter wind riding but more and more people are also using the foil for wave riding, racing and now is also coming the freestyle element of the sport.

Wing Foiling Info:

The wing has actually been around since the 90s with the wind wing, a type of two sided windsurf sail on a pole but it never really took off as a sport. Since then many skiers and ice riders have been using a rigid form of the wing but did not work for the water due to its weight by not having an inflatable leading edge. Now with the development from kiting the wing and foil have evolved making wing foiling the new sport to try!

Wing foiling is at this moment is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, due to its ease of use, fast learning, safety and access to spots that are not able/permitted to kite.

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  • 2hr Private Class
  • Inc Equipment
  • €130
  • 3hr x 2 Person Class
  • Inc Equipment
  • €200
  • 2hr Private Class
  • No Equipment
  • €80

All Wingfoil classes include radio coaching, filming / photos, written information about equipment along with top tips.

Kite / Wing = Foiling Life

Kitefoil Lessons

The first rides are not always so easy but with the right tips that CKS will provide, will get you up and riding in just a session or two. For those who have already tried it but are having difficulty with continuity of staying on the foil, going up wind, making transitions or looking to start doing tricks, then get in touch to book your personalised classes.

Float above the water with CKS.

Wingfoil Lessons

The Intro course is broken down into 3 or 4 steps depending on previous sports experience and wind conditions!

1st step is to learn how to fly the wing on the land enabling good control and understanding ready for the water.

2nd step is to get on the board, finding balance, understand how to control the wing better so to control power, speed, direction both on the knees and standing.

3rd step you are now standing riding with power and feeling how to generate speed to start to feel how to get on the foil.

4th step is to gain more control of when on the foil, control speed and direction.

For those who have already tried it but are having difficulty with continuity of staying on the foil, going up wind, making transitions, then with my top tips you will be truly mastering wing foiling in just a few hours of private coaching.

Foiling is the future!